Photo (c) 2018 Nabila Nugroho

“Loving her music, and what a voice!” Josh Teskey, The Teskey Brothers.

“I hear complete originality.” Chris Kimsey, Producer (The Rolling Stones).

Geo is a singer-songwriter and recording artist from the west of England with a unique voice and a vision for the future.

She recently toured in Europe with new Universal signing The Teskey Brothers and

also performed at The Mint in LA as part of the Music in Advertising event organized by Deutsch LA, SoStereo and Hunnypot Live. She appeared at the NY Sync Summit in Times Square New York and at BBC One Introducing in London and toured with the international dance musical, Where Is Home? including a season at the Edinburgh

Fringe Festival.

These experiences of performing and working alongside artists from the UK, South Africa, Italy, the USA, the Caribbean, Japan, Pakistan and Australia have been great and have allowed her to reach out to a wide and very appreciative live audience.


Geo brings soulful beauty and lyrical character to the modern music scene. Her songs are set to become contemporary icons, delivered in style by an 'old soul' in a young body. File under Urban Folk. It's time to reconsider everything…

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